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Campus Accommodation

Once you have collected your keys for accommodation the deposit payment is reserved and credited against your final instalment of accommodation rent. For your final rent instalment, shown on your Licence Agreement and on your rent invoice, you will need to deduct your deposit from your final instalment and this will be the amount you are due to pay. You do not need to deduct the deposit amount if you make the payment on eVision.

If you have overpaid your rent you are able to request a refund 'How do I apply for a refund?'.

You may also would like to read the question ‘How much are my termly instalments?’.

If you would like to cancel your booking before you have collected the keys for accommodation please read ‘What are the charges for cancelling a room or allocation?’.

Off-Campus Properties

Your £350 deposit is retained by the university on your Brunel student account during your stay.

At the end of your Tenancy Agreement and after you move out, a member of the Brunel Student Lettings, or their nominated contractor will visit the property and check the condition of the property against the inventory taken at the start of the agreement.

We will then email you (each) a break down of the charges (if any) and the balance of your deposit/s.

If you are charged for damages/losses an amount which is greater than your £350 deposit, you are required to clear the remaining balance within 7 days of receiving an invoice.

If any damages/losses incur during your stay please report this via FixFlo as soon as possible. You are required to inform Brunel Student Lettings by email where any damage/losses has been caused by a specific individual/s (including any evidence that it may require) so that we can recharge (whilst we try to be as fair as possible to the best of our knowledge) the correct housemate/s; any damage/losses should be reported before your eVision account/s is/are recharged equally/proportionally between the residents. After your eVision account/s have been recharged we will not be able to make amendments to your account/s and any issues you will require to address between your housemates directly.

If you have been charged an amount less than £350 we will automatically deduct this from your deposit. Any credit remaining on your account we will automatically authorised as a refund back to you. Please read 'How long will it take to get my refund?'.

You would get your deposit back before the end of your Tenancy Agreement if you find a replacement housemate, please read 'What is the process to change a housemate?' for conditions.

If you would like to cancel your booking, please read 'How do I cancel my off-campus accommodation?'.

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