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If a student has been issued with a Licence Agreement for 2022/23 until 9.30am 4 September 2023, and has accepted their Licence Agreement and paid their deposit for a Licence Agreement for 2023/24, then under certain circumstances students will be allowed to remain on campus between the end date of one contract and the start of the other. Charges will apply for an extra week/nights at the weekly/nightly rate for 2023/24. A separate invoice will be produced for this charge and will be due for payment in October with your first instalment of rent. The charge for this interim period between contracts for the end 2022/23 and the start 2023/24.

Please note: If you choose to stay during the interim period then whilst we facilitate your stay, the communal areas of the flat (e.g. kitchen/bathrooms if it is a standard hall) may require cleaning and therefore you may experience some inconvenience and disruption during this time.

I have been allocated the different room for the summer and term time: You must be available to make the move to your new room between contracts. If your room is required for Conference use over the summer you may be moved to a temporary room while your new room is made clean and ready for you. Please note that you must be available at any time during this period until the room move/s is/are complete. If you might not be able to move during this period for any reason then you must contact Student Living Team immediately for more information. Your new Residence Manager will inform your current Residence Team when your new room is ready. Your current Residence Manager will inform you (by knocking on your door or by leaving a note under your door) when your new room is ready; unfortunately you are not able to choose the room move date yourself. You will be asked to transfer your belongings as soon as possible to your new room and the keys for your previous room will have to be returned by 9.30am next day or as early as agreed by the Residence Manager. Please ensure you have packed all your belongings early in readiness for the move.

Please note: The keys for your old room must be collected and returned to the Student Living OfficeBishop Hall Reception; please consult the campus map for the location of the office.

I have been allocated the same room for summer and term time: Once you have accepted your term time offer, you can remain in the same room until the end date/time of your term time contract.  Please note: You will not be required to collect new keys if you are staying in the same room.

Please read ‘Can I extend my summer stay for one/few more nights?’.

I choose to move out off campus and apply for an early arrival during an interim period:

Please read ‘When do I have to return my keys if I leave my room at the end of my contract?’ and ‘Can I collect my keys early, will I be charged and when?’.

I choose to move out off campus during the whole interim period:

Please read ‘When do I have to return my keys if I leave my room at the end of my contract?’, ‘When can I move into my accommodation?’ and ‘What happens if I do not, or I am unable to arrive until sometime after my contract starts?’.

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