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If you are unable to arrive on your Licence Agreement start date please complete the late arrival request form online

From the Licence start date, any room which remains unoccupied seven days after the start of the Licence Period for that room, will be reallocated to another student unless the prospective Resident has carried out all of the following:
• Accepted their Licence Agreement; and

• Informed the Accommodation Centre in writing that they will be arriving late and the Accommodation Centre have agreed a new arrival date. The late arrival request form must be submitted online in order to notify the Accommodation Centre; and

• Made part payment of their first instalment of the accommodation fees as agreed by the Accommodation Centre; and

• Paid a £250 deposit by cleared funds.
Details of the expected date of arrival and any reason for late arrival must be given in advance of the start date of your Licence Agreement to the Accommodation Centre. Accommodation fees will be charged from the first day of the Licence Period stated in the Licence Agreement, not from the date of arrival.

If a student has not arrived on the later date notified to the Accommodation Centre, the University may re-allocate the room.

The University will try to contact students before a room is re-allocated, but if it has not been possible to make contact, the University will offer the room to another student. The £250 deposit payment will in either case be retained by the University to cover Replacement Costs.

This also applies to Residents who are unable to take up their Accommodation because of a rejected or pending visa application. If an exception is agreed for a student to arrive more than 7 days after the start of the Licence Period, the student must make part payment of their first accommodation fees in advance of their arrival.

 Please see section 6 of the Residences Rules and Regulations for further information. 

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