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Each Licence Agreement/Contract is issued separately for an individual period so although you won't be able to extend your stay you can still apply for a new contract after your current one ends.

If you are looking to stay after your current contract ends for the summer period (June to September) you will need to submit a new summer vacation application online and make the full payment in advance (a deposit is not required for summer contracts). This will need to be completed at least one week prior to the current end date of your Licence Agreement. During the summer vacation the minimum booking period is 7 nights. Once you have been issued a summer vacation Licence Agreement: if you require the room for just one extra night please contact the Allocations Team on 01895 267900 or by email as under certain circumstances an exception could be made. It is important that you apply and pay for the maximum period you require. If you decide to apply in small blocks, the Allocations Team is not able to guarantee continuous stay in the same room or that we will have availability when you make a future application. Please note if you choose to vacate your summer vacation contract early you may do so; please read 'Can I move out of my room before the end of my summer vacation contract and what will I be charged?'.

If you would like to apply for next session (from September) you will need to submit your application online, please see 'How do I apply for a room next year?' and 'Can I remain on campus between the end of my summer contract and the start of my term time contract?' .

Please note that all rooms offers are subject to availability and meeting the Student Living Department's usual terms and conditions.

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