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During Term Time

Each session we expect that studio flats will be fully occupied with co-habiting couples, depending on how many applications we receive, if we receive less applications from co-habiting couples these can be offered to single applicants. The priority will first go to co-habiting couples.

You can still apply as a single occupant, you would be required to submit your application by the end of July along with a £450 deposit.

Please also see 'How does a room exchange work?'.

During Summer Vacation

Applications for studio flats from single applicants will be considered during the summer vacation should the demand from couples not meet supply. Single applicants do not need to complete the studio flat application form but need to make the preference for the studio flat on the online summer application form. 

For more information please read ‘Who can stay on campus for the summer?’ and ‘How can I apply to stay on campus over the summer?’.

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