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Where a student has a term time contract which ends 9.30am on 3 June 2024 and has accepted a summer contract which starts from 3 June 2024 they must be available to make the move to their new room between 3 June 2024 to 14 June 2024. Please note that you must be available at any time during this period until the room move is complete. If you might not be able to move during this period for any reason then you must contact the Allocations Team immediately for more information. Your Student Living Manager will inform your current Student Living Team when your new room is ready. Your current Student Living Manager will inform you (by knocking on your door or by leaving a note under your door) when your new room is ready; unfortunately you are not able to choose the room move date yourself. You will be asked to transfer your belongings as soon as possible to your new room and the keys for your previous room will have to be returned by 9.30am next day or as early as agreed by the Student Living Manager. Please ensure you have packed all your belongings over the weekend in readiness for the move.

If you are completing a room move at any other period of time and your current contract end date is the same as your new contract start date you will be required to collect your new room keys on the first day of your new Licence Agreement. You will then have until 9.30am the next working day to move all of your belongings to your new room and return the keys for your old room, please read ‘How does a room exchange work?’.

If your current contract end date is different to your new contract start date, then please read ‘When do I have to return my keys if I leave my room at the end of my contract?’ and ‘When and how can I collect my keys for my summer accommodation?’. Please note you cannot stay in your current room until your new contract starts. If you would like continuous stay then please contact the Allocations Team urgently.

Please note: The keys for your old room must be collected and returned to the Student Living Team, Bishop Hall Reception; please consult the campus map for the location of the office.

If you have been offered the same room please read ‘The room that I have been offered for summer is the same as my current contract. What do I need to do?’.

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