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The following process is followed for students who are on the room exchange and complete a room exchange form via the Student Living Hub:

  • When two students preferences on the room exchange list match the Student Living Allocations Team will contact the individuals.
  • The students will then be given the opportunity to consider each other’s rooms.
  • Both students need to be: 
    • happy with the room they have looked at;
    • aware that they will be taking the room on as seen on the day of exchange.
  • They will both be required to pay a £50 room exchange fee and sign a new contract once they have decided on a date they would like to move.
  • If we have no one waiting for a room then the Allocation Team will get in touch with students on the room exchange list.

  • Students will then have until 10 am the next working day, after the moving date, to move all their belongings to their new room. Students should also be aware that rent prices vary depending on the types of accommodation, such as an en suite to standard room, or a single to a studio; therefore students may be asked to pay a top up fee for rent and/or deposit.

Please note room exchange is subject to availability and depending on finding a suitable swap/vacant room if we do not have anyone waiting. We are unable to give you a time and date when we would be able to assist you with your request. We will try and assist you with a room move once a suitable room becomes available.

If you are requesting a room exchange prior to the commencement of your Licence Agreement and a suitable room is found for you before the agreement start date, we will not charge the £50 room exchange fee. 

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