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During Term Time

Each session we expect that studio/ flats will be fully occupied with co-habiting couples, depending on how many applications we receive, if we receive less applications from co-habiting couples these can be offered to single applicants. The priority will first go to co-habiting couples.

You can still apply as a single occupant, you would be required to submit your application by the end of July along with a £450 deposit.

Please also see 'How does a room exchange work?'.

During Summer Vacation

Applications for studio/ flats from single applicants will be considered during the summer vacation should the demand from couples not meet supply. Single applicants do not need to complete the studio/ flat application form but need to make the preference for the studio/ flat on the online summer application form. 

For more information please read ‘Who can stay on campus for the summer?’ and ‘How can I apply to stay on campus over the summer?’.