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Deposit is £350 for a single room and £450 for a co-habiting couple studio flats. Applications do not require any payment of a deposit unless you are notified otherwise.

As a new student you are not required to pay the £350 for a single room accommodation deposit until you are allocated a room (this will usually take place in August). When you receive your room offer by email you will be asked to make the deposit payment online during the room acceptance process.

There will usually be a 2-3 day deadline for accepting your Licence Agreement and paying your deposit so it is important that you check your emails regularly and make sure that you have the funds in place to make this payment when requested.

Returning students deposit amount for single rooms is £350. Your deposit is required to be paid by the end of January for your application to be processed.

The deposit amount for co-habiting couple studio flats is £450. Both your application and deposit are required to be paid by the end of July for your application to be processed.

Applications and payment for single rooms and studio flats can be made online from December of each session.

Applications can only be processed once all conditions have been met including full payment of the deposit. Please make sure you are aware of your application conditions. These can be found on your application review page.

Room offers are subject to availability.

Please also read 'What are the charges for cancelling an application or allocation?', 'What happens if I apply late / after the deadline for a room?' and 'Do I have to pay a deposit to secure my summer accommodation?'.