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After you have collected the keys for your room, you will be emailed and asked to complete your room and kitchen inventory online. Please ensure that you complete it within 48 hours after collecting your keys - it is in your best interest to complete it early so you do not get charged for any damage that you have not done and any defects would be fixed at your earliest convenience.

If you will notice something is missing or not working in your room after you have completed the inventory form please report these to your Residence Office online using the Maintenance Request Form Via the Accommodation Centre Student Hub.

If you would like to check on the progress on your submitted maintenance request, please contact your Residence Manager located in your Halls of Residence reception who will be happy to assist you. All their contact details can be found on the Accommodation website.

Please note: Students are provided with bed linen which may be returned to the Residence Office. If you do not require it please record it on your inventory.

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