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Your keys will be available for you to collect on the day your contract begins from 12 noon.

Keeping safe: due to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines this year, the Brunel Student Lettings Team have put in place new routines. This is to ensure that staff and students who are dealing with daily tasks are able to do this safely until the situation eases. This will include key collection process: we operate a housemate nomination scheme and an appointment system for your property key collection in 2021, for example.

Before you book a key collection appointment with a housemate nomination for your key collection:

  • The Housemate Nomination System or if you are traveling outside the Common Travel Area (Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man) please use the Traveling to England- Housemate Nomination System
  • If any of your housemates are traveling and you and your housemates are required to quarantine, the UK government is advising all travelers to familiarize themselves with the most current Coronavirus (COVID-19): how to self-isolate when you travel to the UK guidance. The information gets updated regularly therefore any travelers must refer and familiarize themselves with the guidance on a regular basis, due to an evolving knowledge on a virus.

  • Please discuss within your group who you wish to nominate to pick up your/your group keys (preferably one person and the first person arriving);
  • Each person, who would like their housemate to pick up and sign for their keys, requires to submit to Brunel Student Lettings their consent and provide the name and student number of their nominated housemate who will collect their keys.
  • Key collection slots are limited and therefore we require as many of you as reasonably possible to nominate a housemate to collect your keys, or your group keys!
  • Unfortunately we would not be able to give your key out to your friend/family (with an exception above).

Key collection point:

  • We will have various key collection points in year 2021 therefore appointments are essential, so we could inform you where to collect your keys from.
  • The specific location of key collection point (this will be on Brunel Campus) will be provided during the appointment booking process.

Booking a key collection appointment:

  • The Appointment Booking System (a 15 Minute slot) -  (TBC- coming soon)
  • You may choose an appointment date later than your start date of the contract.
  • Give the Brunel Student Lettings Team at least 48 hours notice- for us to prepare your keys and inform you of the key collection point.
  • The same appointment system must be followed for both 'office' and 'out of office' hours key collection.
  • If you choose to collect the keys by yourself you will require an individual appointment.
  • During our busy periods, priority may be given to group key collections. It means that occasionally, we may require to offer you an alternative slot but we will try choosing a slot as close as possible.

Your arrival for a key collection:

  • When you come to collect your keys you should bring
    • Some photo ID e.g. student card, passport, driving license,
    • Eventbrite key collection appointment ticket- this can be a paper copy or an electronic version on your portable device (you will get this once you book a the key collection slot online).
  • Social distancing:
    • please do not bring your friends/family when picking up keys (where possible)
    • PLEASE NOTE: The current UK Government advice is:
      • ‚ÄčSocial distancing 2m apart
      • good hygiene practices - washing hands and equipment
      • do not touch your face

Following the Government advice above is sufficient to reduce transmission of the coronavirus.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • When the first tenant collects their keys they will also receive a welcome folder, this contains some useful information e.g. safety certificates, a copy of your contract.
  • If any of your housemates have moved in and you have missed to instruct them the collection of your keys on your behalf: please note that you are permitted to move in too and collect your keys from us at a later date.

Before your arrival please read an induction:

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