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You can report maintenance issues quickly and easily online using our online bespoke FixFlo maintenance reporting tool.

If your query is urgent, during office hours (9am until 4:45pm Monday to Friday) please call The Student Living Team on +44(0)1895 267900  

For an emergency out of hours please contact Brunel University London Security on +44 (0)1895 255786

Maintenance requests are categorised as follows:



Next Steps

Priority 1

Emergency Repairs

Any defect resulting in any one of the following:

  1. risk of danger to the health, safety and security of an occupier at the property; or

  2. risk of danger to the health, safety and security of a third party at the property; or

  3. a defect that affects the structure of the property.

Make safe as soon as practically possible and normally within 24 hours of notification.

Priority 2

Urgent Repairs

A defect that relates to any of the following and makes the property uninhabitable:

  1. the exterior of the property; or

  2. the installations in the property for the supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences); or

  3. heating or hot water.

Where possible these issues will be dealt within five working days of notification.

Priority 3

Non Urgent Repairs

Any other defect.

Will be dealt with as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any event within 28 days.

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