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Brunel’s Summer Graduation Ceremonies will be held between TBC and TBC July 2021, on the University campus in Uxbridge, for more information please go to Brunel University London Graduation website.

For eligibility for campus accommodation, please read ‘Who can stay on campus for the summer?’.

For how to apply for summer accommodation, please read the answer to ‘What is the minimum period I can book for summer?‘.

For parking information please read ‘Can I park my car on campus over the summer period?‘.

People who are not eligible for campus summer accommodation (e.g. parents, non-students etc) can book rooms via Brunel Commercial Services: the Lancaster Hotel on campus or through the Conference Office. Please read ‘Is there a Hotel on campus?’ for more information.

Students attending graduation who are currently living on campus and wishing to provide accommodation for an overnight guest in their own room may hire a camp bed (subject to availability) from the Residences Office; please read ‘Can I have a friend or a family member stay overnight?‘.

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