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At the first stage of making an online payment your bank will authorise the transfer and it will put your money into their holding account, waiting for the process to be completed. Once it has been completed the payment confirmation will be emailed to you and the money will leave your bank to go to the payee.

In nearly all cases emails sent during the payment process should be received within a couple of minutes. If you have not received this confirmation email after making payment it is very unlikely that your payment has been successful, even if it appeared to be when entering your card details. This is usually because one of the security checks has failed (e.g. entering your card number or postcode incorrectly). If you contact your bank at this stage they may confirm that they have authorised the payment. After a few days of the payee (Brunel) not collecting the money, your bank will return it to your account, at which stage you will be able to use this money again.

If your payment has been declined then you must contact your bank if you would like to find out the reason for it; Brunel will not receive this money.

You may consider making the payment online with a different card or you may wish to use other payment methods.

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If a confirmation email has not been received within 24 hours please contact the Student Living Team. If the deadline for your payment is less than 24 hours away please contact us immediately and we will be able to check the payment for you.

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