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Standard rooms do not have a private bath/shower room. Within a standard room you will have private use of a sink but share the bath/shower room and toilet with other residents on your floor. These are usually shared with approx. 5 students.  Full details of the facilities within the rooms/halls can be found in the facility guide. An example of a standard room layout can be seen in the Clifton Hall floor plan.

If you want to have a private bath/shower room you would need to apply for an en suite room. There are currently two layouts:

Corridor layout en suite rooms are found in Mill Hall where rooms are grouped together in corridors (similar to a hotel) and share a kitchen. Please see the Mill Hall floor plan for a detailed layout.

Flat layout en suite rooms are found in all other en suite residences and are grouped together in flats of 5-10 people with their own flat door and shared kitchen. An example of the flat layout can be seen in the Fleming Hall floor plan.

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