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You may find useful to read  'What is the viewing process of currently occupied off-campus property?' and 'Can I remain in my current off-campus property for the next academic year?' before proceeding with below.

Before any virtual viewing recordings can take place:

• Access: Please discuss within your group so an appropriate access could be given for a nominated housemate/potential resident viewings. Potential residents, similar to when you were looking for an accommodation, will want to see the whole property (including shared indoor and outdoor areas, all bedrooms, all bathrooms).

• Recordings: For a virtual viewing, you may choose to either show a whole property in one video or split some of the property areas into manageable pre-recordings. Please try to keep the total length of all videos so that the total viewing is between 5-20 mins depending on the size of the property (ranges from studios to seven bedroom properties). There is a 1GB uploading limit per single video file. We require each area to be featured only once in a property viewing video/s therefore please discuss with your housemates so not to overlap.

• Submitting a recording: We request that as much as possible, all viewing videos to be recorded and submitted by one nominated person. Where another housemate choose to record a separate video (e.g. of their own bedroom, en suite) they will be required to submit their own recording(s) via the online form (link- TBC). In such situation, we will ask each housemate to list their recorded areas. Please do not submit another person’s recordings.

• Limited access areas: If any housemate gives a limited time access to a nominated person, we recommend you make few videos so later you could choose one of a better quality to upload without a need to physically re-visit. Please take extra time preparing bedroom (where applicable, please do not forget any of it’s en suite, outside space, etc).

• Staging and preparing your home for the start of a recording: Please ensure that your property is clean, tidy and not showing damage to decoration (e.g. by using blu-tac, white-tac, sellotape, drawing pins or any other adhesive on the walls or woodwork or any other part of property). Please dispose of all rubbish, using the receptacles provided; and further as per Hillingdon Council guidance. Please report any damages and repairs required to the property or its contents online. We would like to remind all students that all accommodation is non-smoking.

• Features: Some property information will be available for potential residents online (e.g. weekly accommodation fee, floor-plans), in their inventory report (e.g. location of energy meters), agreement (e.g. off street parking condition, various bill’s inclusion), etc. Please be mindful that some of their contract conditions might be different from yours. Hence, whilst you may choose to talk about an experience at the property please be mindful to talk about yours and not theirs.

• Privacy: Please remove from display anything in the property that is private/confidential, which may contain personal information and anything which you do not wish viewers to see.  

 • Personal Belongings: Similar to the above you need to remove personal photos, photos of families/friends as these should not be seen during the viewing.

During the virtual viewing video recording:

• Your device: Please hold your recording device screen in a landscape position. Please reduce the camera resolution in the settings in order to reduce the file size. 

• Images of people in your video: Please do not feature any person’s (e.g. visitors, yourself, people photos) images in your virtual viewing material(s).

• Audio and language of your recording: We would be delighted where/if you choose to welcome potential residents to your home and share your experiences during your recording(s) as if they were physically visiting you but please ensure that an appropriate language is used throughout. 

• Lighting: Please record with the lights on and in daylight if possible.

Sharing your virtual viewing video recording(s):

‚ÄčOnce recording(s) are completed and chosen (please do not use any part of property address in your file name), please submit them online (Link- TBC); for which you must be logged into your Office 365, using your Brunel network credentials. If you later find that you are required to provide the Brunel Students Lettings team with more videos you can do so by re-visiting this form, uploading new files and re-submitting.

After you submit this form, the Brunel Students Lettings team will review the material. If we need to discuss any material, we will call or email you. Where a video meeting may be more appropriate Brunel Students Lettings team would like you to use Microsoft Teams. For which we recommend you download Microsoft Teams onto your mobile or tablet device. Before any video meetings we would normally ask for your availability first so these could take place at your home.

The above guidance has been created with student safety in mind and they may be used where current residents wish to communicate recordings directly to potential housemates (e.g. private searches for replacements). 

Please familiarise yourself with Privacy Policy Statement. 

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