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After you have paid a £350 deposit and signed a Tenancy Agreement (before or after you have collected your keys) you are liable as below.

If you would like to move before the end of your Tenancy Agreement, you will still remain liable for payment of the accommodation fees until the end of the period or, if earlier, until the property is re-let. There is a £50 fee added to the outgoing resident account, the cost of additional room inspections and administration involved in managing the hand-over (this fee may be deducted from the deposit if there are sufficient funds remaining). For further information about early termination, please read section 35 in your Tenancy Agreement.

Few reasons for finding a replacement:

  • Council Tax, accommodation fees and utility bills liability
  • Early departed resident maybe liable for any damages at the property after they have left

How can I find a replacement housemate:

The process of housemate change:

  • Read terms and condition on your Sample Tenancy Agreement.
  • Discuss/inform your housemates of your intentions to leave - they may help you to solve your problems or help to find a replacement. If you have found a replacement student please ensure they meet-up/ communicate with your current housemates prior proceeding with a below
  • Email us with the following information regarding your potential replacement -  name, student number, email/telephone number, the date you are moving out and the date new replacement is moving in (Move in date/new Tenancy Agreement start date: Friday).
  • We will check if your potential replacement is eligible to live in our off-campus accommodation (e.g. enrolment status, outstanding accommodation related charges owed to the University, ban/expulsion from the University accommodation)
  • We will inform the potential replacement resident by email: either the rejection reasons or inviting them to pay £350 deposit to secure the accommodation, including any rent amount due and clearing any outstanding fees relating to accommodation. We would inform the potential replacement resident of the length of the new agreement and the agreed weekly rent (which has been agreed by the original group for that specific residents room)
  • We will inform the departing resident if their replacement has been approved. We will ask them to return (sign in) all their keys which were issued to them to the Student Living (Off Campus) Team.
  • Remaining residents must inform us in writing of any damages at the property may require to be recharged to the departed resident within 24 hours of new Tenancy Agreement start date
  • Member of staff from Brunel Student Lettings normally will inspect the accommodation after which we will are able to confirm departed resident deposit release
  • We will invite the new group to sign a new Tenancy Agreement (with the start date of a Friday)
  • New group are required to come in as a group to a sign new Tenancy Agreement
  • Keys will be issued to the new resident only once the new Tenancy Agreement is signed by all residents and new resident can now move in to the property. New resident will be invoiced on their eVision account and would be able to see the instalment dates and amounts

Departed resident does not require to request a refund as Brunel Student Lettings will authorise a refund automatically after the above process is complete. If you have not received a refund within 3 weeks from a new Tenancy Agreement start date please email us.

For further information about your terms and condition of your signed Tenancy Agreement.

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