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The prices shown for the off campus properties usually does not include utility bills. 

Depending on the usage, usually students pay approximately £20-£40 a month for the combined electricity, gas and water bills. The usage in winter will be higher than usage in summer.

If you take out extra utility contracts such as broadband, telephone or even a TV package your utility bill could be considerably higher per month. Please check if any utilities (e.g. gas, broadband) are included in your signed Licence Agreement before arranging bills in your name.

Unless otherwise specifically stated in an agreement, you will be liable for organising set-up/payment of utility bills for electricity, gas, water, sewerage, telephone and data connections (including standing charges for supplies to the property during the entire license agreement period).

In event of vacating the property early you are still liable for any utility bills shared within the property until the end of the agreement (With an exception - If you find a replacement housemate and they sign a new license agreement your liability for some of your utility will stop). Before you move out early we would advise that you read your license agreement, discuss the liability with your housemates and for any further guidance contact your utility provider.

In the event of any supply being disconnected as a result of non-payment, you will be liable for costs in having the service(s) reconnected. 

You will require to notify the utility providers at the start of the agreement period that you will be responsible for payment of utility bills for the property throughout the agreement period.

You can find out who the current gas and electricity suppliers are by entering the relevant information at and water is provided by Affinity Water.

You cannot change the utility provider or change the utility meter without the Brunel’s prior consent, which will not be withheld or delayed unreasonably.

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