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Your off-campus Accommodation Neighbours

It’s likely, particularly in Hillingdon, that you’ll be living in close proximity to a number of other residents. Treat them as you’d like to be treated and everything should go smoothly, you may even make yourself a neighbourly friend or two. When you move in introduce yourself to your neighbours, or simply say hello when you see them. If your neighbours know you they are more likely to be there for you, if you have any problems they may be able to help. Neighbours can also be great when it comes to security, there’s no-one better placed to keep an eye on you home than someone who lives next door. Parties – if you’ve planned a gathering or celebration at your home let your neighbours know. Tell them when the party will be and discuss a time that the noise will stop – the law states that this should no later than 11pm. If you’re friendly with your neighbours ask them if they’d like to come? Consider when you hold parties too. Your schedule may mean a midweek party is a possibility, if you’re living next to young families or professionals they’re unlikely to appreciate much noise midweek, noise causes more complaints than any issue. Clean up after yourself – don’t leave rubbish outside your front door, if you have a garden keep it clean and free of litter. Do your bit to keep the street clean too. Though the points above are very simple, they really do make a world of difference. We hope you get on with your neighbours and enjoy being part of the community you have moved into.

Community Liaison Officer If you are experiencing any disagreements in the household or disputes with local residents, please contact our Community Liaison Officer to assist you so issues can be investigated thoroughly and resolved quickly and amicably. The Community Liaison Officer is experienced in dealing with these situations.


If you would like to make a complaint about student’s living off-campus, you can call the Community Liaison Officer on 01895 267770 or email 

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