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Student Ambassadors and Contacts may be required to arrive on-campus before the start of your Licence Agreement start date. If you wish to arrive up to 4 days earlier you would be required to submit an early arrival online early you can book this online once you have accepted your contract via the Accommodation Centre Student Hub.

If you are required to arrive more than 4 days before your contract starts you will first need to contact your Residence Manager to see if your room will be ready and clean for your arrival. If the room you have booked is not ready it may be possible to accommodate you in another area on campus and then for you to move to your allocated room. Once the Residence Office has confirmed your arrival date you will then be able to book and pay for your early arrival online via the Accommodation Centre Student Hub.

This procedure also applies to students who are attending the Orientation Programme and are arriving in the UK before the start of the Licence Agreement. 

If you would like to come on to campus more then a week earlier then the start of your Licence Agreement you would need to book summer accommodation application online (available from April).

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