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You are allocated to one room for the full period of your contract.

Your Licence Agreement will state how long your contract is for. If you are a Postgraduate student your accommodation will include the the summer vacation.

The Allocations Team can only guarantee to keep you in the same room for the period of the contract you are issued. Please note: In some special and rare circumstances the University reserves the right to relocate you to similar alternative accommodation; for more information please refer to Campus Residences Regulations. The Allocations Team doesn’t have access to all the halls during summer due to maintenance requirements and conference bookings so you may be asked to move to a different room after your term time contract finishes. It is important that you apply and pay for the maximum period you require. If you decide to apply in small blocks the Allocations Team is not able to guarantee continuous stay in the same room or that we will have availability when you make a future application. Please read ‘When will I be able to extend my contract?’.

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