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If you have applied for summer accommodation before the deadline you should be allocated and receive notification of your summer allocation via email no later than 7 days before your requested arrival date/your new Licence Agreement start date, providing there are no problems with your application. Allocations Team will be in contact with you directly if there are any issues; if you do not receive the room offer please contact Allocations Team to check the progress of your application. The room offer will provide an online link to view the Summer Licence Agreement/room offer. The Summer Licence Agreement will confirm your allocation details i.e. the hall, room/flat number, postcode, contract length and price. Please read ‘I have been offered a campus room for the summer vacation. What should I do next?’.

All summer applications are processed once the application is received by Allocations Team and subject to the usual Allocations terms and conditions (eg clearance of outstanding money, full payment of summer rent in advance etc). Students are advised to apply and pay in full for the full period required as early as possible due to limited availability of some types of accommodation. Students who have outstanding money owed to the University will not be considered for campus accommodation until the account is cleared. Late applications will be processed on individual basis; please read ‘What is the latest I can apply for summer accommodation?’.

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