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Group Request Application Forms for returning students will be available until midnight on Friday 8 March 2024, all students must first complete a single application form online before adding their details to a group request form. A link to the group request form will be located in your online application confirmation email. Provisional allocations (type of room e.g. en suite/standard) will be announced on Monday 18 March 2024. From 23 April 2024 until August 2024 the Allocations Team will confirm which Halls of Residence (e.g. Fleming, Isambard etc) you have been formally allocated to.

It is the responsibility of the student completing this form (group leader) to ensure that the correct email addresses have been provided for each group member.

New students wishing to live with a friend(s) can supply the details of who they want to live with on their new student online application form in the any other relevant comments section or can email the Student Living Team. Where possible please supply both your own and your friends full name and Brunel student number so we are able to correctly link your applications together. You can also provide details of a family member in the same way providing they are also going to be a Brunel Student. Your friends will also need to submit an online application form. Submitting their name on your form does not mean we will process an application for them. 

Mixed gender groups - you can apply as part of a mixed gender group and provided you have applied for en suite accommodation. Students who want to live in standard accommodation can still apply as a mixed gender group but males and females would be placed on separate floors although we would try and allocate you to the same staircase/building.

Mixed level groups you can apply as part of a mixed level group however some areas are for exclusive use by certain levels of student e.g. Postgraduates, Final Years, Freshers etc. We will try and place mixed level groups together where possible and would contact any groups if there were any problems with their group request.

Please note: Requests for groups are not guaranteed but we will do our best to place you in your required group eg in the same flat or building; you will not be allocated to the same room, as we have no shared rooms on campus. 

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