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If a Resident fails to move out on or by the due date and time they will be liable for additional costs including losses incurred by the University including the postponement/cancellation of a new Licence Agreement, re-arranging contract cleaning and maintenance work and the relocation of the incoming Resident, which would not have been incurred if the Resident would have moved out by the required time. The Accommodation is not regarded as vacated until it is empty of all belongings and all keys/access cards have been returned to your Student Living Reception, including partner’s keys/access cards for Studio /Flats. Please be advised that you will be charged at the current rate of your room (see regulation 6.3) until your room is cleared. Outside normal office hours, keys/access cards should be posted through the Student Living Reception letterbox in an envelope collected from your Student Living Reception clearly marked with the student’s name, student’s number and room/flat/hall details. Please do not leave your keys at the Security Office.

Student Finance will issue you with an invoice for this charge which will be added to your student account and is payable within seven days. Please note that interest may be charged on unpaid charges which are overdue for payment (see regulation 6.11). Disciplinary action or accommodation debt sanctions (see regulation 23 and 24) will be taken by the University against any student who fails to move out by the due date and time.

Where a Resident leaves the Accommodation at the end of the Licence Period and fails to return the room keys/access cards directly to the Student Living Reception, the Resident will remain liable for the extra accommodation fees until such time as the keys/access cards are received by their Student Living Reception. The Resident is not permitted to re-enter the Accommodation after the Licence Period has ended, even if the keys/access cards have not been returned to the Student Living Reception.

You can see the Rules and Regulations for more information.

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