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Some payments can take a number of days until they reach the University Account. Unless the funds have been cleared and are in the University account the payment amount and date is not updated on your online review page. If you paid online during the process of making an application/accepting your Licence Agreement your payment should update within a few minutes providing it has been successful. You should also receive a confirmation email from Capita (University online payment provider) during this time if your payment has been successful.

If you made payment online via the University's site this may take up to 4 days for it to reach the University account and your review page. If you paid using this method please forward a copy of your payment receipt to before the deadline date you will have been given.

If you made the payment over the phone or by cash directly to the University Cash Office  the payment will reach your University account by 10am the next working day and will be updated on your review page shortly after that.

If you paid by Bank Transfer it can take a number of days or even weeks in some cases to reach the University Account. All Bank Transfer receipts must be sent by email to the Accommodation Centre at before the deadline date you will have been given.

If you paid directly to Brunel International and your payment is not showing on the review page please contact the Accommodation Services before your deadline date to ensure that the money/information has been passed to the Accommodation Services.

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