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Mail for residents is put in the pigeonholes in the Post Rooms located near your Residence Office. Security risk items and small packages are kept in either the Bishop Hall Post Room or the Isambard Residences Office Reception (depending on your Hall of Residence) for safekeeping and personal collection.


Parcels are delivered to the University’s Distribution Centre for personal collection. Distribution Centre is in Zone D on the campus map.

For heavy and bulky items, residents are advised to make their own arrangements directly with the delivery company.


There are two Post Rooms on campus:

Post Room Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 9pm and Friday 8.30am to 5pm
Name of Hall Post Room Location

Faraday, Saltash, Chepstow, Clifton, Bishop, Kilmorey, Lacy, St Margaret’s, Lancaster, Southwark, Stockwell, Maria Grey, Borough Road and Gordon Halls

Next to the Residence Office Reception in Bishop Hall, Bishop Complex 

Mill, Fleming, Galbraith, North, Meadow, Michael Bevis, Concourse, Stephen Bragg, West, Maurice Kogan, David Neave, Central, East, Runnymede, George Shipp, Trevor Slater, Shoreditch, Syd Urry, South and Brian Winstanley Halls

Via the Residence Office Reception in Concourse Hall, Isambard Complex 

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